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Satisfied Customers
  1. Very professional, extremely skilled, and a pleasure to have in our home. They are a great team !

    J.B. - lift owner, Anchorage

  2. You all are always very wonderful to me.

    S.P.- res. elevator owner, Anchorage

  3. It (the stairlift) is great, it's the best thing in the house other than my dog!

    M.N.- res. stairlift owner, Anchorage

  4. The owner came down on a Sunday to get the stairway measurements. It was refreshing to work with such a professional company. It's a good product, and nice to work with Ronnie (the installer) as well.

    S.R.- res. stairlift owner, Seward

  5. Can I adopt Dana? (elevator installer) Super work! When the elevator was installed, Dana took one look at me (with back pain) and stayed until 8 pm at night to make sure I could get from the kitchen to the bedroom and back. You just can't buy that kind of service.

    L.A.- residential elevator owner, Anchorage

  6. Crew has gone above and beyond; stayed extra long time to make sure it was okay; Ronnie and Dana were great.

    C. Ashcraft, res. elevator owner, Anchorage

  7. Ronnie is very good at her job. I have no problem having her in my home. She always cleans up after the job is done.

    O. Bolduc- scooter owner, Wasilla

  8. You guys are just great!

    W. Compton- vertical lift owner, Eagle River

  9. great, love the work and service

    Krumm- res. elevator owner, Sterling

  10. Exceptional customer service. Always with a smile and quiet consideration as well as utmost professionalism. Thank you!!

    M. Evans- patient lift owner, Anchorage

  11. Wonderful having your product and service-Thank You

    D. Wilcox- res. stairlift owner, Soldotna

  12. Your services have always been good, your personnel is competent and congenial. Your company is appreciated.

    J. Kaiser- wheelchair owner, Anchorage

  13. No one better, love your service. Customer of 15 years. on time AAA+

    S. Radebaugh- res. stairlift owner, Wasilla

  14. You did really good, I was surprised at how quickly you called back, and the tech was very knowledgeable.

    maintenance personnel, Alaska Railroad, Anchorage

  15. You guys have always been great to work with.

    retail store manager, Kotzebue

  16. The tech was very knowledgeable and got the lift done in "jiffy" time. He had lots of information about the product.

    J.R.- res. stairlift owner, Anchorage

  17. We should have gotten this a long time ago. Ronnie was very professional, worked good with the elderly, she made the in-laws feel special and brought a smile to their face.

    J.C.- res. stairlift owner, Anchorage

  18. You do a great job, very happy with our level of customer service.

    Purchasing agent, Providence Valdez Medical Center, Valdez

  19. We are EXTREMELY grateful for the lift, it has helped tremendously, thank you.

    M.H.- res. stairlift owner, Anchorage