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Elevators are being incorporated into many new construction and retro projects as part of universal and "aging in place" design. An elevator can also increase the re-sale value of your property. Each elevator is custom-built to fit your home and includes your choice of features and finishes.

Alaska Stairlift & Elevator, LLC is the most experienced installer of home elevators in the state of Alaska. We are the factory-authorized dealer/installer/service center for several elevator manufacturers.

We also provide service, repairs, and maintenance programs for residential elevator equipment. 

Machine Roomless

When you have a  machine roomless elevator, you do not have to take up valuable square footage in your home with a dedicated machine room. The drive components are located in or adjacent to the hoistway. 3 year manufacturer warranty from date of shipment.

Machine Room/Hydraulic

A hydraulic drive system offers a smooth ride and quiet operation. The elevator drive system and controller cabinet are typically located in a small area near the elevator - the location and size varies to best fit your floor plan. 3 year manufacturer warranty from date of shipment.

We can also offer horizontal sliding elevator doors with the look and feel of a commercial elevator if that meets your design needs. ​ ​​

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Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators

No pit, hoist way, or machine room required
In-line door openings
Aluminum and polycarbonate cylinder structure
Automatic interior LED lighting and fan
Mechanical emergency safety brake system
One Year limited manufacturer warranty

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Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators car sizes

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